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【Intellectual Property Rights】
  • Trademark Right                                                                                                                 

                    In order to obtain trademark right and the protection thereof, the application must be submitted
                    to the competent authority. Upon the publication of the registration, the registered mark shall
                    remain for a period of 10 years, which maybe renewed upon application for renewal thereof.

  • Types and Forms of Trademark                                                                                          

                    The different types of trademarks are normal trademark, collective trademark, certification
                    trademark, and collective membership mark. Trademark may be composed in the form of a
                    word, figure, symbol, color, sound, three-dimensional shape or a combination thereof.

  • Priority Right                                                                                                                       

                    An application that is made in another country which is recognized by Taiwanese Government
                    and was registered in pursuance to the domestic legislation of that country, may claim priority
                    right in Taiwan within six months based on and after the first registration of the trademark in
                    another country.

  • Search                                                                                                                                  

                    Before proceeding, it is usually in the best of the applicant’s interest to conduct trademark
                    search before filing the application. Trademark search can help avoid conflicts in filing when
                    identical or similar trademarks are already registered, and this can help reduce the chances of
                    application been opposed.

  • Documentation Required for Application                                                                            

                    Documents required for registration are: Applicant's name and address, copy of  the passport,
                    trademark symbol, specified products, and Power of Attorney. Take note that according to the
                    Taiwanese Law, all documentation submitted must be in mandarin.

  • Period taken for Application to be Granted & Validity                                                      

                    Without any objections it takes about 8~12 months, while with objection, it is difficult to set a 
                    time line as it depends on the nature of the matter and objection raised, and a registered
                    trademark is valid for ten (10) years commencing from date of publication and each renewal
                    shall be for further ten (10) years.

  • Application Procedure                                                                                                         

                    Once all documentation has been submitted, it will go through an examination period of 8 to 10
                    months. Once the IP Office accepts the trademark and issued the registration certificate, it will
                    be publicized in the gazette for three (3) months for objections thereof.

  • Opposition                                                                                                                             

                    During the three months period, any person or company with objections may submit their
                    opposition to the IP Office, and the objectee shall have a reasonable period to respond thereof.
                    Where after the IP Office shall make deductions based on the facts submitted.

  • Flowchart                                                                                                                               

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