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【Investment Business】
  • Introduction to Overseas Foreign Work Permits                                                               

          ◎  According to Taiwan Law, should the employer wish to hire foreign employee, the employer
                is required to apply to the Council of Labor Affairs and obtain the work permit first for the 

          ◎  Foreign employeewho holds the legal visatoenter Taiwan and works within30 days, shall be
                deemed as the legal work visa person.

  • Utility of Overseas Foreign Work Permits                                                                         

          ◎  Work legally in Taiwan.

          ◎  Foreigners who work in Taiwan over 180 days could prepare related documents to apply for

          ◎  Foreigners who hold ALIEN RESIDENTCERTIFICATE and RE-ENTRY PERMIT
                couldarrive and departmany times within the expiry date. 

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