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【Investment Business】
  • A brief introduction to commercial organizations in Taiwan                                              

         ◎  Many international companieshave been attracted to come and set up business places in
               Taiwan due to its active economic activities.

         ◎  In order to promote economic development and attractinvestors, Taiwan government which
               has also establishedallowance system and set up scientific parks is committed to providing
               a safe and secure investment environment to encourageforeign investment in Taiwan.

  • The requirements for the establishment of commercial organizationin Taiwan            

                    ◎  Subsidiary Company

                     1.Company Limited by Shares:  

                              A company organized by two or more shareholders, with the total capital of the company
                              being divided into shares and each shareholder being liable for the company in an amount
                              equal to the total value of shares subscribed by him.

                         2.Limited Company:

                                 A company organized by one or more shareholders,  with each shareholder being liable
                                 for the company in an amount limited to the amount contributed by him.

                    ◎  Branch Office

                          It is founded by foreign company which has registered business in its own country, operates
                          in accordance with the requested items of business, and is approved by  the competent
                          authority of the Republic of China.

                    ◎  Representative Office

                        When foreign companies have no intention to deal with businesses in Taiwan, they appoint
                        the representatives who are validated by thecompetent authorities of its own country and
                        the Republic of China, and establish an institution for the foreign company to conduct the
                        legal actions related its businesses within the territory of the ROC.

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